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Pet Food Bank Application


Pet Food Bank Rules and Guidelines

1. To receive assistance you must complete an application. By submitting the application, you agree to follow the rules and guidelines of the program.

2. Only one application can be completed per household. All household income must be reported on one application.

3. All applications will be reviewed by a Lincoln Animal Ambassadors (LAA) representative. The representative will confirm program eligibility and may request additional information prior to approving your application.

4. Applicants are required to submit a state-issued photo ID or drivers license, or other form of government-issued identification before the application will be reviewed.

5. Applicants are required to provide documentation that proves they meet LAA's income eligibility requirements. A list of these documents is provided later in the application. This may include proof of unemployment. Additional proof of income may be required at any time at LAA’s discretion.

6. Applicants are required to provide documentation showing all pets in the household have been spayed or neutered. Applicants can request a spay/neuter voucher for any intact pet as part of this application to temporarily meet this requirement.

7. Food will only be provided for the animals in your initial application. Households receiving assistance from this program are not allowed to acquire additional animals at any time. Adding additional pets to the household indicates you no longer need our assistance, and your eligibility will be terminated immediately.

8. Pet(s) cannot be used for breeding purposes or any illegal acts. Pets cannot be tethered or chained up longer than one hour unattended. For the health and safety of your cat, it should not be allowed to roam freely outdoors.

9. Only the primary applicant and one authorized individual are allowed to pickup food at the pet food bank. Photo Identification of the authorized individual will be required.

10. If your application is approved, you will be issued an LAA Identification Card. This card MUST be presented when picking up food during your scheduled appointment. There is a $10.00 replacement fee for lost or stolen cards.

11. LAA should not be the sole provider of food for your pets. Each household can only request a food pickup once every 30 days. Each food pickup will be scheduled via phone. Recipients are required to leave a message on the phone line to schedule their appointment.  

12. The brand and amount of food donated to LAA varies. Recipients may not receive the same amount or type of food each month. LAA's food is provided by independent donations. We may not be able to help with all of your needs.

13. Food is intended to be fed to the animals listed in your application. Absolutely any other use of the food is considered abuse of the program and you will be terminated immediately.

14. This is not a government assistance program. LAA reserves the right to terminate assistance for individuals who are rude or demanding to any LAA staff member. Sexual harassment is not tolerated.

15. LAA reserves the right to revise, alter, or otherwise change any and/or all components of the Temporary Assistance Pet Food Bank rules and guidelines without notice to participants.


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Head of Household / Applicant Information

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Pet Information

Please complete this information for each pet. You can add additional pets by clicking on the "Add New Entry" link. 

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Financial Information

Total Household Gross Income

(Enter Monthly Amounts, Use $0.00 for Non-Applicable Fields)

Assistance Received


(Enter Monthly Amounts, use 0.00 for Non-Applicable Fields)

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Financial Verification Documents

To automatically qualify for financial assistance, you can provide one of the following:

1. Currently receiving WIC – upload your Statement of qualifying benefit period

2. Currently receiving Medicaid – upload the applicants Statement of qualifying benefit period. Medicaid documentation must be for head of household or applicant, not dependent children.

3. Current receiving Food Stamps (SNAP) – upload your Statement of qualifying benefit period

If you do not have any of the above, you must supply the following in order to be considered for financial assistance.

1. Valid Proof of identity – State issued photo id/driver’s license, a federal, state or local government, or military ID card.

-- AND --

2. Proof of income – Earned and unearned (gross) income for all persons residing in the home. (Gross income is what you have before taxes or anything is taken out. You can show “earned income” with your paycheck stubs for the past month. “Unearned” income is money you get that is not a pay check. This could be child support or unemployment compensation benefits or disability benefits that you get.

-- OR --

3. If you are self-employed, you must show a copy of last year’s income tax return.

We follow the WIC Income Eligibility Guidelines to determine if someone is eligible for assistance.

Applicants can upload your financial verification documents with this application using the browse option below. Please include a description of the documents provided.

You can submit your application now without providing these documents. You will receive instructions for providing these documents at a later date or with a picture from your mobile device in the confirmation email.

Documents can also be mailed to:

               Lincoln Animal Ambassadors
               ATTN: Pet Food Bank
               P.O. Box 67072
               Lincoln, NE 68506

The pet food bank requires all pets are spayed or netuered. New Applicants are asked to provide documentation that verifies their pets have been altered. 

1. An invoice or letter from your veterinarian 

2. Local License Renewal Letter or Reciept showing the pet is altered.

Applicants with unaltered pets are limited to a six month provisional Pet Food Bank card. If your application is approved, you will receive a voucher to help offset the cost of the procedure. You can learn more about our spay neuter program on our website.